Best phones coming soon in 2017

List of all the cool comming smartphones in 2017

  1. Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus
  2. Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  4. Samsung Galaxy X
  5. Google Pixel 2
  6. Xiaomi Mi6
  7. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
  8. Huawei P10
  9. LG G6
  10. HTC 11
  11. OnePlus 4
  12. Nokia Android phones
  13. New Sony Xperia flagship
  14. Moto G5 & G5 Plus

iPhone 8 : September 2017

Apple is set to go big on the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, which could go some way to make up for this year’s relatively minor upgrade. A combination of design and hardware changes should make the iPhone 8 the most radical new iPhone to date. so hope to see d better one this time.


Google Pixel 2  : October 2017

It’s rather early to be talking about the Google Pixel 2, but we already know a few things to look out for. The next Google phone is said to include waterproofing an improved camera that excels with low-light photography. However, the price is likely to go up as a result – by at least $50.


HTC 11  : April/May 2017

HTC has launched its new phones at MWC in recent years, but skipped the show in 2016 and held its own event to unveil the HTC 10 (pictured). We think HTC will once again be a no-show at MWC, particularly given it can’t announce any Snapdragon 835 phones until after the Galaxy S8 has launched. We expect the phone known as (but probably not called) the HTC 11 to be unveiled in April or May 2017 with the upgrades you’d expect: a faster Snapdragon 835 processor, more RAM (6GB) and – hopefully – better battery life.


LG G6 : February- march 2017 

LG has confirmed ahead of launch that the LG G6 will feature a 5.7in Quad-HD+ FullVision 18:9 display – it will cover almost the entire front panel of the G6.

The company is also rumoured to ditch its modular design for the G6 and potentially adopt a new glass front and rear. It is also likely to be waterproof, but with no removable battery.


OnePlus 4 : June 2017 

OnePlus has just announced its OnePlus 3T, which is an upgraded version of the OnePlus 3 with a processor and battery boost, plus a new selfie camera. It’s an improvement sure, but OnePlus 3 fans won’t be in a rush to upgrade.


Samsung Galaxy S8 : March 2017 

Samsung traditionally holds an Unpacked event in which it unveils its new S-series flagship the day before MWC, but this year Samsung has confirmed it will not be announced at the show. It hasn’t said when the phone will launch, but there have been rumours that Samsung will instead announce the phone in a separate Unpacked event on 29 March. The Galaxy S8 is apparently set to go on sale on april.


Samsung Galaxy note 8 : August 2017 

Following the Note 7 problems there are a lot of whispers about Samsung at the moment. The failure of the Note 7 has badly bruised its reputation, and it’s hurt its bottom line. Some say it will look to mend its reputation by announcing the Note 8 in February 2017 alongside the Galaxy S8, while others say it will drop its Note line altogether. Samsung thinks differently, and it isn’t about to give up on its second annual cash cow just yet. We’d expect to see the Note 8 in August 2017.

Surefire specs include a 5.7in Quad-HD or SuperAMOLED screen with S Pen support, a powerful processor and RAM combo capable of the very best mobile VR experience, a dual camera, waterproofing and more.




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